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So much more than just ‘crunching the numbers’

Here at Calculated Consulting, our team have experienced every aspect of accountancy, servicing large corporations and not for profits through to owner-operator start-ups.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the multiple demands of running a business, providing for a family and trying to enjoy a balanced life. We get the most enjoyment and have the greatest success when working closely with clients on their day-to-day operational needs, as well as longer term personal and business goals

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After six years in the Australian corporate space, Celina developed her international experience by relocating to North America. There, she undertook studies at Harvard University before living and working in Vancouver, Canada for the next four years managing businesses, people and finances. Upon returning to Australia, Celina sought out the opportunity to connect and embrace a more holistic approach to business advisory services for SMEs.

Now, with a growing team, of bookkeepers, accountants and admin support, Celina is looking to help even more Australian clients achieve the professional success they’ve been working toward.

From Deloitte to Calculated Consulting: Celina Grech

Chartered Accountant and Firm Principal, Celina Grech, established Calculated Consulting in 2017 after discovering tradespeople in her area were experiencing a lack of approachable accounting and bookkeeping support.

Celina started her professional career as a trainee at accounting firm, Deloitte. Starting out in the Deloitte Private Division, Celina worked with businesspeople at all levels of management as well as high net-worth families and businesses. She then went on to work in the finance industry where she had the opportunity to expand her financial analysis skills and experience.

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Industries we work with

We welcome the opportunity to work with a variety of emerging and established businesses. Some of the industries we have experience with include:

“My passion is for breaking down the barriers my clients have around their finances and simplifying the process for them. If we have done our jobs right, our clients will be looking forward to speaking to us, and seeking our advice with the next steps in their businesses.”

Celina Grech | Principal, Calculated Consulting



We act with integrity, and in the best interests of our clients. Always.


Everything we do is documented, and available to review upon request. We keep our clients in the loop at every turn, and we’re always here to talk through any questions or concerns you may have.


We are in the business of supporting our clients with their goals, no matter how big or small they may seem. We want you to have a deep understanding of your business, your financial responsibilities and compliance obligations so you will always feel in control.


Being a business-owner is difficult enough without adding extra paperwork and hoop-jumping into your day. We make the bookkeeping and accounting process as easy as possible using contemporary technology wherever possible so you can get on with the things that matter most.

“How lucky am I to have been introduced to Celina through a mutual business contact! Celina was introduced to me at a point that my business needed a serious introduction of skill, experience, and can-do attitude.

She has also worked closely with me to start setting the future direction of the business which we are eagerly looking forward to progressing over the next few months. While our business relationship is only young, I feel certain that we will build a very strong long-term relationship that will be very beneficial to my business for many years.

Having access to Celina and what she brings to anything she does will be a large part of the future success of my business. If you are looking for a new accountant/bookkeeper with a can-do attitude and actually cares about your business, coupled with of the skills necessary to assist your business then do not hesitate to get in touch with her. You will not be disappointed.”

Ben Watson | Gateway Advisory

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